Celebrating Student Achievement

The campuswide Celebration of Scholarship highlights and celebrates the diverse talents and skills of Saint Mary's students across a broad spectrum of academic and performance disciplines.

The Celebration of Scholarship is an all-day event centered around our graduating students and the excellent work they have done here at Saint Mary's. Family and friends of participating students are welcomed onto campus for the presentations, exhibits, performances, and displays.

Photos from the 2019 event

2019 Celebration of Scholarship

April 26, 2019

The event is divided into 4 sessions and a reception, followed by the Honors Convocation.

Registration 8:30 - 9:00 a.m.
Session I 9 - 10:15 a.m.
Session II 10:30 - 11:45 a.m.
Lunch/Mass 11:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Session III 1 - 2:15 p.m.
Poster Session 2:30 - 3:30 .p.m.
Reception 3:45 - 4:15 p.m.
Honors Convocation 4:30 p.m. 

Session Schedule (PDF)


Allemann, Andrew - Bat Activity in Different Habitats in the Driftless Region of Minnesota and Wisconsin

Berger, Savhanna - The Compounds Tris(ethylenediamine) Cobalt III Bromide and Tris(ethylenediamine) Cobalt III Chloride Inhibit Bacterial Growth

Blattner, Brandi - Presence of Borrelia burgdorferi and Anaplasma phagocytophilum in Deer Ticks (Ixodes scapularis) Isolated from Regions with or without the Invasive Shrub Japanese Barberry (Berberis thunbergii)

Campbell, Lucas - The Effect of TBX2 on Activation of the EGFR Family of Receptors in the MCF10A Cell Line

Corcoran, Ashley - The Effects on Compression Garments on Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness in Female Hockey Players

Corcoran, Kelsey - Assessment of Motor Unit Recruitment During Resistance Band and Free Weight Training in Athletes

Ethen, Katherine - Daily Feeding Patterns of Corvus brachyrhynchos

Giron, Amariane - Exploration of Seed Traits Among Six Myrmecochrous Plants

Hayes, Oliver - Inflammation Inhibition in Mus musculus Using Turmeric

Herman, Miryea - The Effects of in vivo Atrazine Exposure on the Hematopoietic System in Pimephales promelas

Kemper, David - The Effect of TBX2 on Cell Survival in Response to Ibrance in the SKBR3 Cell Line

Kirsch, Dorothy - The Effectiveness of Per Se Evaluation for Hybrid Selection in Plan and Ear Height in Maize (Zea Mays)

Kitange, Gloria - The Efficacy of Male and Female Antiperspirants at Inhibiting Bacterial Growth

Krahl, Krystal - Effect of TBX2 on SKBR3 Cell Response to Herceptin Treatment

Kuschke, Tessa - The Effects of Celecoxib on the Gastrointestinal Tract of Mus musculus

Leonard, Mark - Japanese Barberry (Berberis thunbergii) and its Influence on Small Mammal Populations in Southeastern Minnesota

Narveson, Daniel - Effectiveness of UV Radiation Canopy at Sterilizing Materials Found in Wheelchairs

O’Hare, Bailey - Mus musculus Intrauterine Embryo Spacing in Response to Atrazine Treatment

Ortiz, Emily - Effects of Different Road-Created Edge Habitats on White-Footed Mice (Peromyscus leucopus)

Pearson, Matthew - A Comparison of the Cardiovascular Effects of 1,3-Dimethylamilamine and Amphetamine

Ragoonanan, Ramchan - The Effects Kalanchoe Pinnata Extract on Inflammatory Cytokine Production

Seifert, Severin - Community Dynamics in a Newly Created Ecosystem, Cascade Meadow Lake

Shelquist, Nicholas - Relationship of Insect and Bat Populations

Soto, Angela - Human Activity and Recreational Land Use in Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge

Thiel, Erika - Aromatase mRNA Expression in Gonads of Mice (Mus musculus) Exposed to Atrazine

Velazquez, Daniel - Manuka Honey is More Effective at Inhibiting the Growth of Bacteria Than Does Clover Honey

Vetch, Margaret – Litter Bugs - A Spatial Model Predicting Litter Patterns on Hiking Trails

Wallraff, Madeline - The Effect of Creatine on Muscle Hypertrophy and Contraction in Rana pipiens

Alvarez, Fabian - An Educated Customer: Using Sentiment Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to Identify the Right Product For You

Arnold, Austin - Show Me The Money: An Analytical Approach to NHL Contracts

Bakke, Samantha; Wallis, Limmaea; Woerly, Sydney - Member Perceptions of the Winona Chamber of Commerce

Barr, Cassandra; Barrera, Virginia; Figel, Lily; O'Gorman, Joseph - Member Perceptions of the Winona Chamber of Commerce

Beck, Stephany; Perreault, James; Waterloo, Julia; Wright, Elizabeth; Figel, Lily - Creation, Innovation, and Collaboration

Bettag, Alice - Concussed and Covered Up

Bettag, Alice - Will You Be A Victim Today?

Bettag, Alice; Seykora, Emily; Bakke, Samantha; Hoffman, Caroline - Hefel Hall

Bettag, Isabel - Is Freedom of Speech Really Free?

Boice, Nathan - Calculating Fastener Weight Using Artificial Intelligence

Callahan, Abbey; Bettag, Isabel; Peterson, Samantha - The Popularity of Social Networking: Is it Good for Society?

Cave, Elias - Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Champa, Maxwell - Predicting Winning Franchises: Player Performance in the English Premier League

Corcoran, Ashley - Sports Specialization

Corcoran, Kelsey - Drug Use in Division III Athletics

Heim, John - The Ultimate Fantasy: Top-Tier NFL Draft Projections

Hill, Bradley - Payday: An Analytical Study of NBA Player Performance and Salary

Irwin, Dixon - Artificial Intelligence in Major League Baseball: Predicting the Next Pitch

Liebl, Solomon - The Effects of Debt and Financial Education on College Student Success

Liu, Menghan - Love It or Leave It: Artificial Intelligence Applied to Movie Selections

LoMastro, Danielle; Sjodin, Kayla - Winter X Games Student Work Program

Maniak, Michael - Is Your Financial Professional the Right One for You?

Marshall, Nicholas - Historical U.S. Minimum Wage Analysis

Medina-Ortiz, Edgar; Knoblauch, Jack; Alcon, Ines - Racial Profiling and Discrimination in Police Investigations - What's the Real Story?

Meitz, Kristjan - Hip or Hype? Black Friday Semantics and Behavioral Economics

Petraitis, Jacob - Michael Jordan Versus LeBron James: Categorizing Their Performance

Rudh, Alec - 2019 Winter X Games: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Sandoz, Andrew - Text Mining: Spam vs Ham

Schmidt, Daniel - The Differences in Relationships Between Customer Loyalty Towards Salespersons and Retail Stores

Seykora, Emily - Should I Stay or Should I Go? A Neural Network Approach to Vacation Destinations

Sonday, Laura; Higgins, Danielle; Kolias, Patrick; Wolfe, Ryan - The Relationship Between Eating Habits and Body Dissatisfaction with Perfectionism as a Mediator in Male Athletes

Tiedemann, Robert - Determining How Different Demographics Affected the 2016 Election

Wallis, Linnaea; Malikowski, Jordan; Ohde, Eric - The Confirmation Process for U.S. Supreme Court Justices: Why is it So Political?

Wei, Zixin - Airfare Economics: Predicting Flight Delays

Wintroath, Mary; Drake, Zachary; Rogers, Lauren; Waterloo, Julia - Member Perceptions of the Winona Chamber of Commerce

Zagal, Alexis - Establishing a Campus Food Pantry to "Security" Back in Food

Kemper, David - Computational Spectra of Decavanadate

Kitzhaber, Zechariah - Pesticides in Coffee: a GC-MS Analysis of Raw and Roasted Beans and Brewed Coffee

Kitzhaber, Zechariah – Determination of Pesticides in Raw, Roasted, and Brewed Coffee Using QuEChERS Method with GC-MS

Kostueck, Olivia - A Hetero-Diels-Alder Strategy to Access the Stryl Lactone Core of Crassalactone A for Therapeutic Development

Kubista, Jordan - Synthesis of 1,4-Dianilinoanthraquinone Derivatives for Purification of Lactate Dehydrogenase

Miller, Allison - Binding of Rhenium(I) Tricarbonyl-labeled Cocaine-like Compounds to the Dopamine Transporter Protein

Smedsrud, Kynzie - Synthesis of a Rhenium-Labeled Complex for the Imaging of Dopamine Transport Proteins

Speltz, Andrea - Effect of Metal Salts and Macrocyclic Metal Complexes on the Growth of Bacteria Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus

Wendt, Bailey - The Effect of Atrazine on DNA Methylation in Multiple Generations of Mus musculus

Ziemkowski, Addie - Inhibition of Alkaline Phosphatase by Decatungstate

Jacob, Courteney; Ledermann, Heidi - Contemporary Issues in Mass Communication

Bauer, Jessica - The Scholarship of Teaching: Not the Answer, But a Tool. Effective Use of Technology to Enhance Learning

Dunham, Kiernan; D'Souza, Mariah - The Scholarship of Teaching: One Size Does Not Fit All. Creating a Positive Learning Environment by Getting to Know Students

Heuckendorf, Michaela - The Scholarship of Teaching: Each Student is Special. Considering Special Needs to Design Effective Instruction

Kintzi, Amanda - The Scholarship of Teaching: Find Out What They Know! Documenting Student Learning in Assessment to Guide Instruction.

Kinzer, Marissa - The Scholarship of Teaching: See the Child in Front of You. Differentiating to Meet the Needs of Every Student

Spitzer, Brynn - The Scholarship of Teaching: It’s Not Just a Feeling. Using Student Data to Inform Instruction

Washburn, Anna - The Scholarship of Teaching: Observe, Think, Eecide. Using Reflection to Create a Positive Learning Environment for Students

Weber, Brady - The Scholarship of Teaching: Plan, Try, Reflect, Repeat. The Power of Reflection in Professional Growth and Development

Zabel, Aleaha - The Scholarship of Teaching: “One and Done” Does Not Work. Varying Instructional Strategies to Meet Student Needs

Barron, Jesse- Climate Change in Spain

Berger, Savhanna - Una exploración de la segunda mitad de la carrera de Francisco de Goya: un predecesor de los movimientos del surrealismo y el impresionismo. (An Exploration of the Second Part of Francisco de Goya's career: A Predecessor to Surrealism and Impressionism).

Camacho, Sandy - “La Vida y la Muerte del México Prehispánico” (Life and Death of Pre-Hispanic Mexico)

Centeno, Alberto - La vida bajo los tres palos

Klonowski, Margaret - Reconciling Past and Present: Rememory and Identity in Beloved

Lunda, Karly; Onayiga, Enitan; Collette, Daniel; Haag, Leanna; Schlueter, Mariah - The 2019 Launch of Mosaic

Melz, Bailey - Grin(Go) Home: Fidel Castro and the Cuban Response to the Vietnam War 1965-1975

Sonday, Laura - A Practice in Translation for the Winona and Saint Mary's Communities

Sterling, Lillian - A Look into Double Consciousness in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man

Gorman, Victoria - Ecological Analysis of Mental Health Stigmas

Hyberger, Samuel - From “Federal Force-Cult” to "Drain the Swamp": Populism and Political Correctness in the Presidential Campaigns of George Wallace and Donald Trump

Melz, Bailey - Gringo Home: Fidel Castro and the Cuban Response to the Vietnam War, 1965-1975

Price, Jacob - African Bag: The Development of a Black Aesthetic in the Art of Miles Davis

Sobczak, Robert - The Not-So-Forgotten War: The American Homefront During the Korean War

Weber, Brady - All Kinds of Vile Crap: The Emerging Homecoming Narrative of the Vietnam Veteran

DeLong, Levi - Ideas to Measure the Coastline Paradox

Kramlinger, Jacob - How a Rule Change Could Affect the Length of Extra Inning Baseball Games

Loken, James - Raspberry Pi Controlled Scoreboard

Nolte, Daniel - CryptoCurrency: How Safe is it Really?

Waterman, Sarah - Continued Fractions as a Method for Factoring Integers

Budin, Erin; Kirk, Julia; Walske, Kierra; McCoy, Erin - Music Department Celebration of Scholarship Performance

Dionesotes, Daniel - Augustine on the Stoics

Drefcinski, David - Employing Aristotle's Concept of Deliberation to Enhance the Boy Scouts' Vesper Trail as a Vehicle for Developing Virtue

Dushek, Andrew - Aquinas' Just War Theory and Bush Doctrine

Kleman, Austin - Aristotelian Critique of Maslownian Self-Actualization

Koestler, Matthew - St. Thomas Aquinas on Scandal

Kren, Alex - Suffering is Essential for Human Flourishing

Quicker, Jessica - The Abyss of Bad Faith In Sexual Labels

Wilebski, John - Aquinas’ Critical Thinking and the Implications for Modern Education

Zweber, John - The Relationship Between Cognition and Volition in Augustine

Miller, Allison - Raspberry Pi Beowulf: Pocket-sized Cluster Computing

Stewart, Paul - Memristor - The Missing Circuit Element

Tran, Toan - Information Processing in Critical Neural Network

Averbeck, Maria - Coaching Behaviors and the Effects on Team Cohesion

Buchwald, Joscelyn - Factors Contributing to Overall Body Dissatisfaction

Chaffee, Samantha; Guerra, Adrianny; Schurrer, Alicia; Van Dale, Clarissa; Dimatteo, Francesca; Remer, Michele; French, Samuel - The Influence of Gender Roles and Social Expectations on Sport Aggression

Dup, Nyakume - Removing Barriers In Thinking Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Effect on Anxiety and Self-Esteem

French, Samuel - Religiosity and Spirituality and Their Relationships with Mental Health Factors

Galewski, Reese - The Influence of Social Support on Adults with Anxiety and Depressive Disorders

Henning, Kayla; Herman, Miryea; Remold, Brandi - The Effects of Bedtime Smartphone Usage on Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms, with Sleep Quality as a Mediator

Kaiser, Dara; Swanson, Kyle; Bello, Kareem; Klassen, Claire; Stencel, Shanna; Dao, Carol; Averbeck, Maria - The Influence of #Fitspiration Instagram Posts on Exercise Habits and Motivation

Lloyd, Mia - An In-Depth Look at Adverse Childhood Experiences and Treatment for Long-Term Effects

Lloyd, Mia; Hardy, Sarah; Nikolich, Tara; Burck, Kayla; Harris, Danielle; Boggs, Aimee; Livingston, Raekwon; Onayiga, Enitan - How Do We Cope? Examining Social Support, Stress, Mental Health, and Alcohol Use

Nungester, Anna - Mirror Neurons and Empathy in Dance

Peterson, Colby; Peterson, Stacy - The Effects of Unsolicited Sexting on Self-Esteem and Body Image

Sawchuk, Nicholas - The Relationship Between Eating Habits and Body Dissatisfaction with Perfectionism as a Mediator in Male Athletes

Schultz, Justine; Remold, Brandi; Peterson, Serena; Dup, Nyakume; Stencel, Shanna; Dao, Carol; Averbeck, Maria - #Fitspiration's Impact on Exercise During a Stationary Biking Session

Schultz, Justine; Peterson, Serena; Scofield, Shantel - Positively Impactful: The Internet's Role in Social Isolation

Wallerus, Caitlin; Sawchuk, Nicholas; Eggebrecht, Samuel; Yakob, Ayan; LeRoux, Ashley; Gilyard, Dawn; Vlaminick, Magen - The Effects of Yoga and Meditation on Body Dissatisfaction

Yakob, Ayan; Eggebrecht, Samuel - Neuropsychology's Perspectives on Memory, Consciousness and Attention

Hahn, William - TA499 You Are Not Alone

Hahn, William; West, Rebecca; Baechle, Leah; Roberson, Peyton; Kahlstorf, Stefan - Senior Showcase

Kaeding, Parker - Stage Management of She Loves Me in the Broadway Style

Kahlstorf, Stefan - Reflecting on TA499 Musical Theatre Showcase

Roberson, Peyton - Sacred Spaces and Holy Places: Student Written, Student Directed

Schlueter, Mariah; West, Rebecca; Kahlstorf, Stefan; Roberson, Peyton; Baechle, Leah; Hahn, William - Theory/Theatre Research and Praxis

West, Rebecca - The Exploration of a Character