Daniel Strittmater MHA

Daniel Strittmater, MHA

Practicum Director
M.A. in Health and Human Services Administration

Campus Box: # 28
(612) 728-5241   |   dstrittm@smumn.edu

Daniel Strittmater is an adjunct instructor and Practicum Director for Nursing Home Administrator at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota since 2012. He currently serves as the Vice President of Operations for Monarch Healthcare Management in Mankato, MN, owner/operator of 23 nursing homes in Minnesota and several assisted livings. He has been a Nursing Home Administrator since 1993.

I am an avid snowboarder (rails, 360s, boardslide), skateboarder, runner, and enjoy dirt biking, mountain biking, rock/ice climbing, and spending time with family. Look for me on LinkedIn, and on Instagram as #ShredFlintstoneToo. I aspire to be sponsored in snowboarding by AARP once I'm age eligible (and Adidas and Vans...anytime).

  • Areas of Expertise

    Nursing Homes, Health Administration

  • Scholarly & Creative Interests

    My passion is to improve leadership skills and emotional intelligence with Administrators and Department Heads (especially Directors of Nursing). I also aspire to take the tactics of Moneyballers like Billy Beane (Oakland As) and Ron Gardenhire (Minnesota Twins) to help new leaders find the best situation fit where they can be the most successful

  • Courses Taught Recently at Saint Mary's

    - Health and Human Service Systems
    - Healthcare Finance
    - Practicum for Nursing Home Administration Licensure

  • Education

    - BA Major in Accounting--St. John's University
    - Masters in Healthcare Administration--University of Minnesota, School of Public Health
    - Humphrey Policy Fellow--University of Minnesota, Humphrey School of Public Affairs
    - Teaching Fellow--Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

  • Experience

    - Adjunct Instructor at the University of Minnesota Center for Long Term Care Administration
    - Adjunct Instructor at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, SGPP
    - Practicum Director, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

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